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Psychologists usually try to help people use insight and understanding to manage their behavior.

However, neuroscience research shows that very few psychological problems are the result of defects in understanding;

most originate in pressures from deeper regions in the brain that drive our perception and attention.

When the alarm bell of the emotional brain keeps signaling that you are in danger, no amount of insight will silence it.


- Bessel A. van der Kolk -





As a registered Arts Psychotherapist and an experienced communications consultant, I follow a goal-oriented and solution-driven approach that sees individuals, families and organisations become well, grow and ultimately flourish.


When we embark on a journey together we utilise more than just the traditional language-based approaches, even though these often still play a big part in the process. The process we follow sees the creative marriage of psychology with multimodal arts and other creative expressions, combined with effective communication strategies.


Through this powerful combination of creative interventions and verbal dialogue, we take advantage of a whole-brain approach so that all of our capacities are utilised. This enables us to find clarity, make meaning, facilitate change and experience growth. It helps us to fast-track to a place where new ideas can be born and restricting ideas and self-imposed boundaries can be replaced. 



The goal is to meet you in the exact place you are finding yourself at the moment, from where we embark on a journey together that can see you grow, become well and flourish. A wellbeing journey that can see you live the life that you really are capable of living.

Wellbeing is an incredibly complex concept that involves a combination of interrelated factors, including our mental, emotional, social and physical aspects of our lives.

Our state of wellbeing largely determines the quality of our lives.


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